Creole men on dating

20-Dec-2017 12:35

I think we’ve come a long way in the sense that people don’t think of us like that anymore. We’re thought of being intelligent, proud and honest people. I don’t feel that I should do anything that will take us step backwards. From then on, TV producers seem to always have her in mind, as she took on lead strong women roles in the early 2000’s detective show “NYPD Blue”, followed by “Eyes” and more recently “Franklin & Bash”. Currently, she has a role on “Psych”, and is pretty much one of the few television actresses who still remain relevant on TV today as when they first started. I haven’t yet met a Haitian man who’s asked asked me out. Kreyolicious: When you play a character on TV, do you sometimes feel some kind of obligation to have your character be Haitian? I’m not, you know, he has to have six figures; you have to have to have this and that.

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Kreyolicious: After was—at the time of the earthquake—such a passionate story. Kreyolicious: I’m wondering if you feel any type of pressure as being “The Haitian Actress”. Not too long after, Marie-Claire moved to the United States—Massachusetts specifically—and one by one, she brought her kids with her (Garcelle has five brothers and two sisters). Around the time she was 16, Garcelle’s family moved to Miami (her parents had reconciled, only to break up for good again). Kreyolicious: Now in terms of your kids…you teach them Creole?

I think that it’s also finding a good person, who has the same morals, the same goals with you. If you have somebody who has a lot in common with you, that’s half the battle.

I can’t just go out and look for only one type of man. I can’t move to Haiti because of my kids, because of my divorce.